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Election [Nov. 3rd, 2010|04:51 pm]
I'm deeply saddened by the election results for Russ. I know it was a bad year to be up for election and have the D next to your name, but he is a good man, a principled man, that does what is moral not just what the party wants. It is not moral to let someone be denied heath insurance because of a pre-existing condition, is not moral that we loose our rights to some scary government oversight known as the Patriot Act. It is not moral that a corporation with multiple millions of dollars is now treated as a "person" and can donate as much as it pleases. It is not moral that the millionaire's of the country live in plush houses while we still have children living in apartments you wouldn't allow a dog to live in. These things are not OK, they are not right, and Russ stood for the little guy, and against the corporation machine. I hope he is able to recover and find another way to contribute.

On a similar note it often amazes me that people can be as shallow as they are, and has painfully ignorant of the facts as they are. Even people I have considered friends for years are swept up in the asinine mentality of "taxes are bad, and take my money to give to others that don't work". I'm frightened that people don't understand what % of the fed budget is taken up by social security/medicare and what % is taken up by the military. It scares me that the same people that went to a public school, use public transportation every day, and drive down highways that are paid for with public money are blind to things they receive for their tax dollars.

This has all crystallized my view point on what matters to me in a friend. I don't mind arguing for hours about politics, but generally I want to be arguing with someone that has the same end goal as me, making the world a better place for everyone, not just a better place for them and their little pot of gold. I think I have decided to stop going out of my way to interact with such people, and will just allow them to exist. In short, if all I have left to talk about is politics that we don't agree on, why do I still consider you a friend? If we don't have a common ground to talk about sports, or movies, or board games or Magic or any of the other things that can be talked about by friends, why do I even bat an eye when I feel concerned about things like leaving them out of potential wedding plan (not that I'm there or anything).

The second part of this is more just a realization that people change, and drift apart I guess...and much is rambling...but shrug, I never post any more so I don't care. :)
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Nationals weekend. [Aug. 23rd, 2010|10:22 am]
I went to Nationals this past weekend, it was a blast, even if I still can win a match that means anything ever.

The car and hotel room crew was Bob Allbright, Severa, Lissa and myself. We took off from my house a little after 7 AM to get to MN by the noon grinders. I end up doing a totally terrible 1-3 in the 3 grinders I play in. Severa switches decks a couple times throughout the day and on the last grinder looses in the finals...frowns. At some point the crew of people I'm with wants to go to Ichiban's for sushi, now I don't like sushi, but everyone else wanted to go and I thought I could maybe get their hibachi which I love. But no dice, I try to excuse myself from the situation and let everyone else eat there, and Allbright steps up and says he'll pay for me, and I can just do the all you can eat appetizers (pot stickers and chicken wings). Turned out just fine, thanks again to Allbright. We head back to the site and run into Gaudenis, I loan him most of a deck for the next day. Then roll out to a bar with Zac Hill, Misha, Tflo, Lissa and myself jumping into Tim's new car (sweet ride sir). Have drinks and sweet geek discussion with the crew at a place called "The Loop". Lissa buys out of the credit card game, I win and get the cash while Zac is the loser. Good run for the evening, dinner purchased for me, up $20 in the CC game, and good times, nice to see Zac after a year or two. Head back to the hotel and get the "early" sleep around 2:30.

Next day lounge around the room for a bit then head to The News Room with Lissa for breakfast, then over to the site to sign up for our 2-headed giant event around 2 AM. We open an alright pool, but only manage a 2-2 record, one of our least impressive 2HG events in the illustrious Ben/Lissa 2HG history. We grab Adrian and head down to a BBQ place called "Market" that I had ate at last year during GP MN. Had some lovely food and drink and had a "Big Snout", 32 oz drink that was very worth of getting me a little drunk. We then meet up with Mr. Hill and Misha and head down to the News Room again to meet some friends of Adrians, we miss them but stick at the News Room, joined shortly by Kibler, many drinks and laughter are shared. Also have some fun banter with Kate via text as she's out having fun in Madison with Nicole and Wyatt. After basically closing down the bar we head back to the hotel, and up to Kibler's room, where Kibler and I attempt to teach Lissa how to play Ascension, after about 10 minutes it devolves into Kibler kicking my ass and Lissa passed out in a pile of his clothes on the floor, eventually we manage to stand her back up and get her back to the room.

Get up in time to roll out for the PTQ, which I open an OK pool, but manage to make a mistake that cost me a match, and go 1-2. Lissa's still in the PTQ so I need a 2HG partner. Enter Kibler. We sign up and proceed to smash face while running out to bars in between matches. That Serra's Ascendant card is some kind of good. At any rate we obviously draw poorly in our top 4 match and end up with a half box instead of the M11 sets we were gunning for...frowns. But still a fun enough day, we roll out around 10, and head over to a bar called the 1029, where it seems that a large portion of Nationals has descended upon. This bar quickly turned from terrible to great as the Jaeger Bombs and drinks started flowing. Highlights of the evening, Kibler doing Ice Ice baby, "White and Nerdy" with an entire barload of Magic players, the Chapin, Sam, Zvi, Zac dance off (I hope Mr. Neal comes through with some video of that), Lissa killing Dream On(in the good way), and the entire bar chanting "Zvi" for a solid 2-3 minutes to end the night at the bar. After the bar we take a walk over to Tflo's which is a hair farther than he thought. We give GerryT the heads up that we are incoming...spend another hour or so hanging out at Tflo's before heading back to the hotel with Zac and Sadin, and finally head hitting pillow around 4:30 AM.

Next day head back to Madison earlier than expected, but this does allow me to get back in time to take a nap for an hour or two then go over to Nicole's for her birthday dinner. Then was able to get some nice hang out with Kate time before heading to bed. After 3 of the past 4 weeks being short work weeks I think this week is going to be a rough one.... Good luck to all my friends in the GP this weekend and the PT the following.
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Wish List [Nov. 17th, 2009|03:11 pm]
I've been told I'm hard to shop for...here's a few things...
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Seattle [Jun. 3rd, 2009|09:06 am]
I was in Seattle over the weekend for the Grand Prix.  While the tourney was nothing special for me (or really any of my close friends, grats to Shapiro and Gau on top 64 finishes) there were a couple fun/funny/aweful events that I should tell the story of.

Seattle...Collapse )
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Chicago Top 8 PTQ Report [Apr. 6th, 2009|11:44 am]



Magic stuff...pass on by if you don't careCollapse )
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The world is strange sometimes. [Mar. 16th, 2009|02:51 pm]

I love technology can you imagine your parents work day 20 years ago being anything like this:

Today at work, I've talked a little Magic with people that are in Germany, Singapore, and Indiana (not to mention Madison).  I've fixed issues with clients in at least 7 different states, and remoted into their actual desktop to do so.  I've seen my buddy Josh sign on and off of AIM at least a dozen times as he has the laptop at bedside with his wife as she is getting labor induced today for their first kid.  Before the end of the day I expect to have booked hotels for two weeks from now for the indy 5k/ptq weekend and look up some information on Vegas Rio for my vacation there in a month.

Sometimes it's pretty cool to be living these days....now if only they could get on transporter tech :)

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Why Kate wins [Dec. 31st, 2008|08:02 am]

Yesterday we head out to Angie's suprise b-day party, which goes well...let me tell you if you want to suprise someone and have their face light up she's the girl to throw parties for :).  We bug out to get back to my house to do some playtesting.  Dan howard and BK beat us there.

/sappy on

We get home, Kate organizes the "shoes area", then takes drink orders for the me and guys, starts boiling water for BK to eat some pasta.  She then heads outside to shovel the sidewalk/driveway.  After that she comes back in and finishes making BK food.  She then tells me she's happy my friends are over, and to have fun testing...goes and hangs out on the couch for the rest of the evening till 11:30 when Dan leaves and we head to bed.

This morning she wakes up with me...she doesn't have to work today, so she can go scrape off my car, and shovel any snow that's fallen since last night.

I know it's all little stuff, but it all makes me feel happy and lucky.

//sappy off

Additionally I really like the deck BK and I worked up at the end of the evening.

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I am apparently Penelope.... [Dec. 5th, 2008|10:17 am]

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Rake my lawn! [Nov. 10th, 2008|08:08 am]
....Anyone have a kid/nephew/themselves that wants to come rake my lawn?  It's not giant or anything, but the leaves have finally pretty much fell to the ground and I am going to be gone the next several weeks out of town, that combined with the fact by the time I'm done with work it's dark makes it pretty hard for me to find the time in the next few weeks, and I'm worried that it won't get done before they stop picking up leaves or snow falls for real.

Anyhow... $30 to anyone that wants it, I have a rake, and all that needs to happen is the leaves end up on the curb, don't even need to be in bags or anything.
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Colin Powell on Obama [Oct. 21st, 2008|07:28 am]

I know it was news over the weekend, but I wasn't around, and it's better to listen to a man that is so well respected, well spoken and someone that was central in the republican party talk about Obama.  It's 7 minutes of your life that I recommend watching.
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